Community Health Screenings

Community Health Screenings

Health Gauge offers more than 15 preventive screening options, providing comprehensive health screening services. This selection of ultrasound, blood, and EKG analysis enables people to understand more fully what risk factors they have for cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and more.

The modern health screening tests and data we use is the same technology used in leading hospitals. We are committed to delivering accurate results and recommendations that could give you a healthier advantage in your everyday life.

Benefits of Screening:

  • Early detection of serious conditions
  • Prevention of disease progression
  • Peace of mind so you can enjoy life
  • Savings with more affordable screenings
  • Control, no insurance required


Health Gauge Community Screening Services

Cardiovascular Ultrasound Screenings
Blood Tests
Diabetes Prevention Program (in the works)


Appointment Scheduling

When you make your appointment, you will receive detailed instructions about when and where to check in for your appointment, as well as any preparation instructions. Depending on which health screening you choose, we may recommend an 8 hour fast (no food or drink, except water) prior to your appointment.

Appointment Flow

When you arrive, you will be greeted at registration and asked to complete a brief health questionnaire. A Health Gauge tech will call you to the private screening area to conduct your tests. Each health check takes just a few minutes to conduct, and you can stay clothed and comfortable.

Appointment Results

You may receive some of your test results at the screening. The remaining results, some of which require review by a board-certified physician, are mailed to you in about 14 days.