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Corporate Solutions

A successful wellness program is more than offering just blood screenings or educational seminars. It should give comprehensive results to your employees and reflect measurable change to the companies bottom line.

Health Gauge understands the many challenges of creating an effective wellness program including the lack of time, resources, and flexibility within budgets. In addition, it is important to provide a convenient manner to gauge your employee's health, encourage participation and most importantly, motivate a change of behaviors in order to prevent chronic disease. Health Gauge takes pride in our valuable program that addresses all of these issues. We create a true partnership and are a resource for employers. Health Gauge has designed our services to compliment existing wellness programs or to provide a customized total wellness solution. We are happy to coordinate and provide the following on-site services in a professional and seamless manner. Contact the Health Gauge team today to put the pieces together for your total wellness solution!


Health Gauge Screening Services

Biometric Screenings
Cardiovascular Ultrasound Screenings
Flu Shot Clinics
Wellness Program & Portal
At-Risk Coaching
Diabetes Prevention Progam
Disease Management


Individual Reporting

At Health Gauge we are proud to be able to engage your employees in real time to motivate change. Ultrasound results are provided the day of the event. Custom bloodwork results are mailed to employees. These results provide year over year aggregate reporting at a glance making it easy to identify trending toward disease.

Employer Reporting

Health Gauge Screenings provides employers access to real-time dashboards that include features such as high-risk trending, cohort reporting, participation reporting, screening progress charts, registration trends, demographics information, screening location trackers and much more.

Technology, Apps, & Portals

Health Gauge offers a wide array of technological solutions. This includes custom online scheduling portals, wellness portal that include access to screening results, health coaching platform with integrated apps for your mobile devices, and FitBit device integration.

Our Team

Consists of highly experienced healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care. Most of our employees have 5+ years’ experience within our company. Your members can expect to see familiar faces at your event year after year.

Digital Forms

Health Gauge Screenings provides digital forms for all offsite screenings and physicians submissions. Most forms are digital, but paper forms can be provided for screening walk-ins or populations that may be a bit less tech oriented.

Health Coaching / Disease Management

Our coaching philosophy focuses on meeting the employee where they are on the Spectrum of Health™. To support all employees, we offer three unique coaching programs; lifestyle, at-risk and disease management. Our coaching programs can be offered all together or implemented on a stand-alone basis.

Marketing Support

We meet the unique needs of our clients. Our online scheduler, reports and marketing fliers can all be private labeled or co-branded to client specifications. We provide comprehensive marketing support with customized marketing fliers and we also offer automated marketing programs.

Appointment Scheduling

We offer a customizable online appointment scheduler for every client as part of our standard service. Health Gauge Screenings also offers the ability to schedule over the phone.

IT Integration

Our system was designed to integrate seamlessly with almost any third party system. The technology we incorporate enables us to transfer data that is secure, HIPAA compliant and supports most data formats.


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