Official Quidel Corporation (QDEL) qualified to offer the Sofia 2 SARS Antigen FIA test for COVID-19.

We provide healthier outcomes and overall cost containment by providing our services in the most economically responsible and transparent manner possible.

Our Screening Services are priced per participant per package with no hidden travel expenses or miscellaneous fees. Our At-Risk Coaching and Disease Management Programs are billed PEMPM (Per Engaged Member Per Month), and our Overall Wellness Programming and portal fees are priced competitively on a PMPM (Per Member Per Month) basis. Our holistic approach and overall program include Onsite Screenings including our biometrics, bloodwork and ultrasound, At-Risk Coaching, Disease Management, Predictive Modeling and Claims Analysis, Aggregate Reporting, Data Transfer to other TPA’s with appropriate agreements in place and many others.

Biometric Screenings Defined

There is a wealth of value for employers and their employees to offer biometric screenings. Having employees “know their numbers” gives powerful education and tools to the individual.
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Biometric Screenings: All You Need To Know!

The purpose of biometric screenings are to identify common but serious health risks in order to prevent future chronic illness and disability. A biometric screening is an important component of a comprehensive health and wellness program.
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Why Worksite Wellness?

Did you know that most health care costs are preventable? It is estimated that 70 to 90 percent of health care expenses are preventable. Many of these preventable costs are because people make unhealthy choices and take unnecessary risks with their health.
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