This is How We Do It! Affordable, Fast Results today

New guidelines and recommendations during the current health crisis have many health care providers scratching their heads. With so many restrictions and requirements in place, we asked ourselves, how can we best serve the community and help keep everything running safely?


The answer: We can provide fast, accurate, inexpensive testing options and remove the barriers of insurance and prequalification. 


The fact is, the CDC now recommends that everyone, even symptom-free individuals, be tested for Covid-19 if they have been exposed to the virus; but, as usual, insurance hasn’t caught up with the rest of us to cover such testing. 


In a world-wide pandemic, that is not okay. 


Life will still go on, and that means sports, school, travel, work… With frequent testing, we can make sure we are doing all of these things safely. 


So how do we bypass the restrictions to provide a fast and affordable option?


We do not bill insurance and this allows us to test without pre-qualifying.


Similar groups who provide the same antigen test and bill insurance require a virtual visit to qualify (which costs $100-$130 alone). Then they charge $80 - $130 for the test itself.  


We charge $80 each test with no pre-qualifying; and we are able to get results to our patients almost immediately, while patients at other groups have to wait up to 14 days to find out if they are putting anyone else at risk.

But why, you ask, would I need to get tested if I have no symptoms?


We’ve had many patients come through our clinic with “just allergies” and walk out with a positive Covid test. At a time like this, you can’t be too careful. And with flu season fast approaching, you’ll want to know if you have “just a cold,” “just the sniffles,” or Covid-19. 


How are we able to test so quickly and accurately when other clinics are struggling to keep up?

We have a 20 year track record for providing onsite mobile ultrasound screenings and bloodwork testing for our clients across the country and that experience has made for easy transition for our expert team. 

Let’s get through this pandemic together. Spread the word!

No pre-qualifying, drive thru testing, minimal wait times, same day appointments, accurate results within 1 hour. 


This is how we do it.