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Biometric Screenings Defined

There is a wealth of value for employers and their employees to offer biometric screenings. Having employees “know their numbers” gives powerful education and tools to the individual.
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Biometric Screenings: All You Need To Know!

The purpose of biometric screenings are to identify common but serious health risks in order to prevent future chronic illness and disability. A biometric screening is an important component of a comprehensive health and wellness program.
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Why Worksite Wellness?

Did you know that most health care costs are preventable? It is estimated that 70 to 90 percent of health care expenses are preventable. Many of these preventable costs are because people make unhealthy choices and take unnecessary risks with their health.
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What is a True Wellness Program

Many employers mistakenly believe they already have a wellness program. All too often these are simply “feel good” programs that have been promoted under the guise of wellness. While they might make employers feel better about their efforts to help employees, these programs on their own are simply not effective at addressing the needs of high-risk employees and reducing claims costs.
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