Our Story

Our Story

We set out to positively impact lives, and offer lifesaving health screenings at an affordable price.

After studying physical therapy, I worked in a subacute unit for 5 years.  I loved helping my patients return home, especially after stroke and heart issues.  Being a part of the healing journey with my patients, I found to be extremely satisfying.  I relocated back home and took a part-time position providing ultrasound screenings.  I was shocked that in the first week of working, we sent several clients to their PCP’s with critical risk of stroke and other cardiovascular issues. 

I was amazed at the ease of administering these screenings and moreover, the prevalence of risk we were finding.  With the strong patient advocacy I gained during my subacute experience, I knew I could develop a more comprehensive service that would better serve my customers.  Simply finding disease and providing no follow up to the client, wasn’t acceptable to me. 

I had a strong medical background and knew that if our priorities stayed focused on the customer, success would follow.  The only thing missing was a strong business sense.  This is where my best friend since 4th grade enters the journey.  John studied business at Iowa State University and brings a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility.  John helped provide the leadership and structure to organize this dream and make it a reality.  Together with a lot of sweat and tears and moreover a lot of smiles and fun, we began to serve the state of Iowa and beyond.

20 years later here we are, providing what I feel to be the most responsible, comprehensive screenings in the industry!  Through high standards and protocols, we offer a customer first experience for our clients. We also offer a flexible, family first culture, that has enabled us to have a higher retention of our employees.  There is no substitute for experience and providing our customers with long term employee’s, that are familiar with our high standard of customer care, will allow us to continue to raise the bar in the standard of care in the screening industry.

-Scott McGlothlen, President and Co-Founder